Dr. Chad Owen Chiropractor San Antonio. As a chiropractor in San Antonio use a number of highly-effective adjusting approaches to help improve spinal biomechanics and reduce nervous system interference. We genuinely care about improving the health and well being of all of our patients.

Our goal is to uncover the underlying cause of your health problem. We treat the three primary causes of pain and illness: structural, chemical and emotional through one of my favorite tools I use in my office, a technique called Applied Kinesiology. It is a form of diagnosis that uses muscle testing as a feedback system to examine how your body is functioning. The outcome will help determine the best form of therapy for you the patient. In general Applied Kinesiology, or AK for short, will find a muscle that isn’t functioning correctly, usually related to your pain or problem. This muscle will test weak and we will attempt to determine why that muscle is not functioning properly.

We will then apply the correct therapy to best eliminate the weakness and in return you will function and perform better. Patients love AK because they can see and feel the immediate changes that take place in their body during my diagnosis and treatments. Dr. Chad Owen also specializes in several chiropractic adjusting techniques, Cold Laser Therapy (which speeds up recovery and healing), color therapy, detoxification techniques, advanced alternative sports medicine therapies, nutrition and much much more.

Chiropractic helps turn on your body’s inner healing power

Your spinal column or backbone is made up of 24 vertebrae: seven in your neck, 12 in your midback, and 5 in your lower back. Your spinal cord, made up of billions of nerves, lies inside your spinal column, protected on all sides by bone. Your spinal cord’s nerves branch out though openings between your vertebrae and connect to your internal organs, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and other body parts.

This connection is vital for your well being

A tiny often painless spinal distortion or misalignment, called a vertebral subluxation, can irritate or damage your spinal nerves, interfere with your brain-body connection and affect your spine, nerves, discs, muscles, organs, and overall health.

Doctors of chiropractic specialize in the detection and correction of the vertebral subluxation restoring the lines of communication within your body and improving your overall body function, healing potential and well being.

That’s why nearly every condition of the body has responded to chiropractic including allergies, ear aches, asthma, colic, bed-wetting, skin conditions, digestive and menstrual problems, infertility, spinal pain, colds and flu, headaches, sciatica, emotional conditions and many, many others.
So if you are suffering from any form of pains, stop living with the pain and discomfort and give us a call today at (210) 342-1256-1256

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