Having a supply of medication at home is very useful. Drugs that we save is not to the collection, but an act of prevention and treatment of the first if someone was sick, it would be very inconvenient if you have to leave the house to buy drugs. What are some medications that must be prepared at home? And how to store the medication is good and right? Below will be shared tips.

To answer the question what must be prepared medicine at home? Is a medicine for diseases that usually affect us, such as:
• Flue Drugs,
• Heat Loss Drug,
• Drug dizzy,
• Anti germs,
• Drugs Light Wounds
• and others.

how to store the medication properly? Here are tips:
1. Provide a medicine storage container and separate them by type of drug, to make it easier when we look for it.
2. Keep medications in the original packaging and in a tightly closed container.
3. Keep this medication at room temperature and protected from direct sunlight or as indicated on the packaging.
4. Keep medicine in a place that is not hot or humid as it may cause damage.
5. Do not store medication in the refrigerator liquid from freezing, unless otherwise stated on the label drugs.
6. Check the condition of regular medication, do not store the drugs that have expired or damaged.
7. Keep out of reach of children.
8. Wash the container / storage box medicine regularly.

How about medication and prescription from a doctor or hospital? Should if drugs have expired better thrown away, To the recipes do not dispose of prescription drugs, because at any time – a prescription from a doctor or hospital that we can use if among us exposed to the same pains in an emergency, but much better if still consulted doctor.
To discard the medication, follow the written instructions for methods of throwing drug wrapped drugs have been studied by the relevant parties and taken the safest way to dispose of medications.

While drugs do not write instruction dispose of drugs, drug in trash be thrown away, but there are some things that must be done before being discharged into the trash, namely:
1. Remove the medication from its original container, and dispose of information about drugs
2. Mix the drug with unwanted objects, such as water, dirt, salt, coffee grounds and others. Point in order to avoid taking drugs by others and abused
3. Place in a sealed container and strong so it does not leak
4. In order bottles of drugs are not misused, when throw make sure the information has been discarded drug packaging, store in a tight container and strong so as not to be easily opened. Or even welcome damaging the bottle that is not used anymore.

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