I had some slight acne as a teenager. I had friends who had it bad. I got a couple of rashes on my face that came back a couple of times when I was a young child. I remember them. Other than that, I have clear skin like my mother. That is, until I got an awful wart on my hand. It just popped up out of nowhere. My great grandmother asked me if I had picked up any toads. She told me that toads would give me warts. There are so many old tales. I went to wartemoval.ca to see how to get rid of the wart. Everybody and his brother had a suggestion. It was plain as day on my hand, so everyone that saw it told me what to do to get rid of it. However, when I asked them if their method had worked for them personally, every person told me they had never tried it because they never had a wart!

Wow! Can you imagine telling someone how to do something in a way that makes it sound like it has worked for your personally only to be just spreading tales you have heard. I think that is how those miracle cures for dangerous diseases get spread. They are false, people read about them and then spread them. I wanted real methods on how to remove warts naturally not old tales people tell such as my great grandmother and her toad theory. At wartemoval.ca I was looking for a non-prescription natural way to remove warts that would be safe for me to use. Plus, I was scared of any sort of mechanical removal such as pulling it off. I am pain averse and needed a natural wart removal remedy that would not involve any pain whatsoever.